Thursday 16 May 2013


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There may be no better way for the modern adventurer to relax and enjoy Iceland’s natural beauty while viewing the otherworldly phenomenon known as the aurora borealis than from the bar and lounge named for nature’s ethereal lightshow—the Northern Lights Bar and Lounge at the Ion Hotel.

Perched atop a series of high-seat pillars in the midst of a remote lava field where Mount Hengill and Thingvellir National Park converge, the Northern Lights bar, with its double-height floor to ceiling windows, offers unobstructed views of breathtaking Lake Thingvallavatn and, when conditions are just right, the intensely vivid dancing lights of the north.

Natural and recycled materials and sustainable practices have been used extensively throughout the comfortable lounge. Chairs and couches are built from recycled wood. Tables from reclaimed pallets. While hanging lights created from recycled corrugated cardboard illuminate the bar and lounge area.

The modest decor of the Northern Lights bar and lounge, with its use of natural light and panoramic views, creates a sense of harmony with the world outside. Here there are no boundaries between the modern adventurer and the many wonders of this mystical place we call Iceland.