The Social Kitchen 2012 by Alt Group and Fisher & Paykel
Wednesday 15 May 2013


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The Social Kitchen is a collaboration between Alt and the Fisher & Paykel design team. The goal was to communicate F&P’s design philosophy to a design-minded audience at Urbis Design Day - re-evaluating the kitchen as the social hub in our everyday lives. A custom 65 m long kitchen allowed guests to experience a linear journey of food by hunting, gathering, storing, preparing, cooking, cooling, cleaning and sharing.

On arrival visitors received a tea towel, had their hands washed and encouraged to be a chef. An ice tank of fresh Bluff oysters allowed guests to hunt for their first taste. A professional shucker was on hand to open each oyster and add a taste of pomegranate molasses and champagne dressing. A bed of mushrooms grown in the F&P temperature controlled labs represented the stage of gathering and these were added to a cube of Angus beef cooked by guests on stainless steel gas cooktops. A deconstructed refrigerator sculpture introduced the next item, an ice cone shaved from two large transparent ice blocks, topped with peach, sour cherry or passionfruit syrup. The final taste was a biscuit spoon of licorice and five spice, or mandarin and passionfruit, used to dip into a square of chocolate held perfectly between solid and liquid by a wooden induction cooktop.

At every step Guests interacted with F&P designers who wore t-shirts with questions about the experience to prompt conversations about the life lived around the product they designed. This allowed the gathering of insights that will have an impact on future generations of appliance design. 126 questions were compiled into a publication and gifted to guests at the end. All details and elements of the event were designed from the wooden induction cooktop to custom aprons, utensils and plates.

Alt Group