What The Pho! Xpress
Wednesday 08 May 2013


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In creating What The Pho! Xpress, Dynamik Space started at the heart of the project – the food. They wanted to highlight both the complex Vietnamese culture and the simple ingredients that go into traditional pho. The firm selected a bright colour pallet of green, red, and white, integrated clever puns (“What the pho do you want?”) and simplified the menu so there was no guesswork for the customer. Images of the Vietnamese landscape decorate the walls, reminding customers this modern concept still acknowledges its culture.

Turning a traditional sit down restaurant into a fast casual concept poses many challenges. The Dynamik team re-configured the operations and flow and worked within a tight time frame to complete construction. Additionally, re-designing a complex menu to make choices more streamlined, while considering how a concept can work as a build out added to the challenge.

This is pho of the future. Dynamik created a "kit of parts" for a quick roll-out integrating both unique custom solutions and readily available materials. They cut out the excess and distilled the concept to become something modern and exciting. The end experience is simple, clean, fresh, healthy and unique.

Dynamik Space