Tuesday 07 May 2013


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The site of the Bar is located on the ground floor of an historic building in the centre of Innsbruck. The task was to revitalize a vacant store and incorporate a Bar into the facility that would be operating the whole day - serving coffee, cocktails, wine and other fine beverages as well as little snacks and sandwiches on an exclusive level, in terms of product and bar design.

As the Bar had to be designed into an historic building the challenge was to integrate it into the provided space, minimizing adaptions on the original structure. The approach was to take advantage of existing qualities, such as arches, old walls and floors. These were simply painted and received a fresco from artist Jan Davidoff, but otherwise left in their original state so as to retain their texture and charisma.

The Design creates a unique flair in terms of the spatial experience (high rooms, vaults and arches) as well as the haptic qualities it has to offer, like the old wall structures and the furniture elements made out of Tyrolian nutwood by local carpenters. From the Logo to the barstool, every element was specifically designed for this Bar and is set in scene by a sophisticated lighting concept.

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