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Wednesday 01 May 2013


The Villa Bloemendaal site is situated close to Bloemendaal, on the edge of the Kennemer dunes. Here is a sustainable home that follows a minimalistic design and shows respect for man and nature alike, in a unique residential area where the existing flora and fauna are given full rein.

i29 interior architects worked on the interior of the villa, which was designed by Paul de Ruiter architects. A minimal approach to the materialisation and detailing of the building is a core value of both the interior and exterior design. Large expanses of glass and the patio result in maximum daylight, and give inhabitants the feeling that the villa and the surrounding landscape are one.

In order to invite nature inside further, the interior functions of the house are all made from natural materials. i29 created large surfaces of wood throughout the whole house to connect the different areas. Cabinets, wardrobes, walls, sliding doors, beds and even a fire place have been made from one and the same material. Pine wood panels - normally a low tech material - have been used and fabricated in a high-tech and detailed way.