NEW Hotel
Wednesday 24 Apr 2013


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Located between the traditional district of Plaka with its ancient Roman ruins, and the more contemporary Kolonaki neighbourhood with its modern buildings, galleries and fashion boutiques, NEW Hotel is a bridge between the old and the new.

The design project was led by the Campana brothers in partnership with architectural students from the local University of Thessaly. Working together as a team, they set up a workshop inside the hotel, translating the local traditions and culture of the neighborhood into three contemporary, artistic room concepts. Historic postcards of the neighborhood, traditional evil eye charms and figures of shadow puppet Karagiozis from local folklore are given a modern design twist, creating contemporary spaces which are Young, Enthusiastic and Seductive.

The play between the old and the new was central to the renovation project. 

This was the first hotel project by the Campanas and the team focused on using the property's original features, ‘upcycling' abandoned furniture into something more seductive, more modern and more daring. Using neglected fixtures and furnishings from the previous hotel, the team reworked them into modern pieces, transforming the old and derelict into the contemporary and luxurious.  Previously neglected wooden furniture was broken up to create striking art installations in the lobby, the former hotel logo was taken apart to create individual side tables for the bar and disused chairs and objects were upcycled to become iconic works such as the Tomato, Ladder and Newspaper Chair.