18 Feet & Rising
Wednesday 10 Apr 2013


Bolon has now established a strong foothold in London with its unique, woven floor coverings. The popularity of this international design brand is particularly high among the media, advertising and other creative industries. Its floors are appreciated as a modern, innovative alternative, especially to textile floorings which are traditionally used in public spaces in the UK. Bolon's weaving technology brings a dynamic look and textile feel to its floors. They have excellent wear resistance and user-friendliness and offer architects tremendous creativescope to produce vibrant and innovative interiors. Studio Octopi, which is currently one of the top names among London's architecture firms, sees major potential in Bolon's collections. Its most recent project with Bolon is the office for advertising agency, 18 Feet and Rising, which is a spectacular setting with its ingenious simplicity.

"We are always on the look-out for original flooring for our projects. Textile, linoleum, rubber floors - most floors, in fact - are not architecturally expressive enough. They are too flat, too institutional, offer too few opportunities. Bolon, on the other hand, feels like tailor-made clothing. We have recommended Bolon to five advertising agencies so far and all of them have chosen Bolon - one strongreason being its proactive approach to customer-tailored solutions," explains Chris Romer-Lee, who is co-founder of Studio Octopi.18 Feet and Rising is one of London's fastest growing and most talked-about advertising agencies. The company moved to new, larger office premises in 2011. Bolon was used as a central feature in the design of this space. Chris Romer-Lee says, "They needed a look that matched their creative business and enhanced the agency's unique position and portfolio". The office on Clipstone Street is striking because of its original simplicity. 

Studio Octopi subdivided the agency using black stained spruce plywood. They created a variety of spaces within the open plan office, culminating in a striking tunnel leading to the meeting room. Specially-designed tile configuration from the Bolon Artisan collection highlight various areas in the agency. A parquet-style, diagonal motif contrasts with rotated full tiles. The Bolon Limited collection was used in the tunnel and meeting room. Chris Romer-Lee goes on to say, "When the light fell on the tiles, the effect was far more dramatic and vibrant than we could have hoped.We wanted to create a more direct response in the tunnel and meeting room and the elegant dark-brown Bolon harmonised fantastically with the stained plywood".

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