Times Bund Clubhouse
Tuesday 26 Mar 2013


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This is a project which combines the functions of both club and sales centre. The first floor is mainly focused on the function of sale centre while combining the function of bar and multi-functional conference room. The second floor is only for the sales office. Floor B1 is partially the fitness club which comprising of a theme swimming centre, gym, dancing room and basketball room.                                 

The design solution is to break the traditional horizontal and vertical space vision through the approach of innovation. The whole solution utilizes geometric modelling to realize space design and 3D modelling. The solution explores brand new ideas through three-dimensional space and is trying to create a space of body and art, while focusing on quality in the process of innovation and a careful selection of materials to keep an air of nobility.      

The building comprises of three floors, floor B1, 1st floor and 2nd floor. Vertical stair space is used to connect the three floors. The stair is designed in a sculptural form of flow line as if it flows down from 2nd floor to floor B1. Since there is lots of equipment in the ceiling of swimming centre, the building roof is bevelled creating a rugged ceiling space.