Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort
Monday 25 Mar 2013


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The Intercontinental Resort of Danang, Vietnam is a 177 room luxury beach resort that sits amongst some 2000 hectares of primary forest and boasts a 500 metre long private white sand bay. Built as a romantic hillside fishing village this resort is already considered the best in Vietnam.

In the past 25 years Bensley Design Studios has designed some 160 resorts in 27 countries worldwide. This seaside village-like resort is an honest reflection of the best of Vietnamese traditional or vernacular design, made in Vietnam, with materials from Vietnam, and by Vietnamese craftsmen.

Bensley Design Studios looked to the temples of Vietnam for inspiration. They did not copy any traditional form verbatim, but reinterpreted the Vietnamese vernacular into a fresh new honest genre.

The designers explain, "This is a new beginning for us, as we are doing like this now for all of our new projects. Hopefully this resort will instill confidence in local designers that their Vietnamese culture is rich, alive, and can be extended successfully into the future as a fresh new face. For the interiors, I think we have created a new asian look that breaks new ground."

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