Shenzhen St.Regis Hotel
Friday 22 Mar 2013


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Located on the 95th Floor, the reception offers the guest a spectacular view of Shenzhen and northern Hong Kong. The interior design draws from the dramatic architectural enclosure and its use of structural steel beams and vast expanses of glass, along with inspiration from the post-modern era.

Using elegant and welcoming fabrics and custom carpet, the designers have formed clustered seating areas from which the guest can adjust to the impact of the altitude of the space and enjoy the views and perhaps become curious of what else awaits him in this hotel experience. The space gives opportunity for elegant, large-scale floating sculptures to capture the sun’s rays by day and the well-executed artificial lighting at night. All this is embellished by the use of accent colours and a delightful selection of fine art.

Picking up on the sky-high location, designers have used purple stone, crystal shields and jade sculptures to reflect the varying shades of the sky and clouds.  Guests can dine on a world-class menu while looking out over Shenzhen in a most comfortable and elegant space.

The Elba Italian restaurant, located on the 98th Floor, carries on the avant garde style of the Reception Lobby area. The use of Venetian masks and images of the Piazza San Marco in Venice accentuate the Italian theme. Again, at an elevation of 420 metres, guests can choose from a diverse menu of Italian food while enjoying the lights and sparkle of Shenzhen below.

Whether a businessman wants a quick drink at the end of a busy day or a couple want a romantic evening cocktail, the Sky Bar is a dazzling space.  With a giant dome overhead and gold and champagne colours throughout, the space provides an exciting environment. Glass screens, bottles and glasses give sparkle as the guest relaxes up in the clouds and enjoys the night lights.

The design of the Ballroom is intended to reflect the local atmosphere and spirit of the bustling city of Shenzhen. The diamond-cut crystal chandeliers and gold colours provide a luxurious atmosphere.  Shenzhen is also represented in the crystal cuckoo motif mosaic on the navy-coloured background wall which reflects the city’s architecture.