Sanya Conrad Hotel
Friday 22 Mar 2013


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The hotel’s design concept is modelled after the Mediterranean-style resorts, combining open spaces in its interior spatial order with palatial gardens outside to ensure that there is constant harmony both inside and out in terms of nature, views, scenery and fresh ocean breezes.

In the public areas, the design is a combination of simple line formation, natural stones and dark wood, with an added blue tint. Enhancing and enriching the spaces are beige-embroidered upholstery and fine arts displays, resulting in exquisite yet serene public spaces.

The main lobby is designed as a serene, transparent space, merging holistically with the garden and water features in the atrium and the architecture, interiors and panoramic ocean views. The separate reception hall is decorated with blue-toned embroidered cushions contrast and accent against the overall pale yellow tone of the surroundings, recalling the majestic ambience of a grand palace.

This design theme continues into the Lobby Bar, where the ceiling’s architectural design and specific building materials further accentuate a regal sense of serenity in the spacious hall.

One area of great note is the Chinese restaurant, where an element of Chinese architectural design is introduced to the overall structure of open space seen throughout the hotel. The use of beams and Chinese-style panels separating the VIP rooms from the main dining area complement the modern décor treatment; the fine attention to detail results in a distinctive spatial experience. Qingci urns are arranged to form an artistic wall, emphasising further the restaurant’s Chinese cultural flavour, while enhancing the beautiful blend of fine European and Chinese aesthetics.

All guest rooms are designed as independent villas set amid landscaped gardens, each with a private courtyard and swimming pool – and ocean views. The interior design for the rooms continues the Mediterranean-style resorts theme. Design elements include light wood, stone and wallpaper. Native Hainan flavour is added in furniture items and art displays, blending a Chinese feel with unique ‘home’ appeal.