Lijiang Pullman Hotel
Friday 22 Mar 2013


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In creating the entire interior design, the main theme transcends through an a mixture between the modern and the mysterious Naxi Dongba culture, joining the delicate and the wild. There is a romantic flavour of the French Style, while insisting on the motto of “Beauty first, then Function best”.

CCD's interior design flows from the special features of the hotel’s architecture, with the whole design grounded on the Modern Chinese style and a grey tone to achieve a marriage between form and meaning. The design elements express the rich style of the Naxi culture. From the Chinese style furniture to the use of modern lighting, from the small decorative ornaments to the fixed designs, they all reflect a Dongba taste and the Yunnan imprint. Harmonizing architecture with one’s state of mind, and the abundant use of borrowed landscapes allow guests to embrace nature and frolic freely as if within ink painted landscapes.

The interior design follows the architect’s principle of transparency; there are few displays of colour, allowing the Yulong Snow Mountain to become the background scene. In the lobby hallway, the designer made use of the architectural columns as frame to induce the image of the Yulong Snow Mountain into the vision of every guest who enters the hotel, the tiered arrangement enables guests to feel as if they have leaped through door after door as soon as they enter the hall reception area, approaching the holy mountain, entering into Lijiang Pullman, thus manufacturing a pure and solemn sense of pilgrimage.