Tuesday 19 Mar 2013


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Clayworks Unfired Clay Plasters are interior surface finishes that consist of 27 naturally pigmented colours and a range of extraordinary textures ranging from a smooth finish that looks like traditional plaster, through to a textured, rustic finish which mimics a more adobe or Tuscan surface.

They can be used to create unique interior brands and artistic finishes and have been designed to be as easy and practical to apply as more ‘conventional’ plasters.

Ingenuity and old technology are brilliantly mixed to work with nature rather than conquer it and to create products that are stunning and simple yet innovative. Clayworks are the only company in the world to produce their revolutionary textured rustic finish.

Clayworks unfired clay plasters can replace conventional gypsum, cement and acrylic based surface finishes and paints. Their qualities (breathable, odour neutralising, humidity and temperature regulating, 100% natural (zero toxins), 100% bio-degradable and compostable) have been rapidly recognised by the restaurant and hospitality sector.

Clayworks are the only company to manufacture a Clay plaster in the UK, but their product is also more superior than competing products from other countries. Chiefly, Clayworks plasters do not dust: they are the products that behave most closely to gypsum plasters during the application process and once applied, and this makes them more accessible to existing plasterers.

The Clay Plasters were launched late 2011 after 2 years of intense R&D with the Centre for Innovative Construction materials, Bath University. This partnership enabled Clayworks to bring a more scientific approach to a traditionally ad hoc and anecdotal method of making plaster. Their Top Coat Clay Plasters have been tested to be as durable as a gypsum skim plaster onto plasterboard.

As well as the ‘off the shelf’ product range, Clayworks respond to designers’ requirements for particular colours and finishes and artistic content. Their use of predominantly earth pigments results in a natural palette of colours which echoes the hues found in the natural environment, and create internal spaces that have a soft, comfortable ambiance.

Clayworks Clay Plasters are manufactured in England, using raw materials sourced mainly in the UK. Their plaster takes 85% less energy to create than gypsum plaster, and can be said to be one the most sustainable off-the-shelf walling finishes on the market. 

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