Small Batch Coffee Company
Tuesday 19 Mar 2013


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It's all about the coffee. The basement of the site is focused on the process and experience of making coffee just the way you want it. Exclusively featuring La Marzocco coffee machines, there is a training lab, coffee machine repair workshop and secret vault. The industriousness of the coffee trade comes through very strongly with raw, robust materials expressing a no-nonsense feel. Upstairs the inspiration of the interior comes again from the spirit of the 'coffee trade', honest materials up-cycled where possible and re-worked into a new use and look. A very traffic-heavy site with low foot falls mean local custom needs to know to come to the cafe: passers-by in their cars have to have their curiosity tweaked. Continuing the playful and slightly anarchic theme of Small Batch Coffee's branding, illustrations tell a story of the brand throughout the store.

Approaching the site from street, visitors to Brighton are greeted with gold embroidered Jolly Roger, the building has been painted battleship grey. The name and logos are stencilled directly onto the building & one of the graffiti mascots makes a re-appearance. Branding stripped back and appears in a simplified emblem by the door. Not to differ too wildly from convention there is a traditional style hanging sign over the leading corner of the unit making it plain who is at home.

Flooring throughout is made with Polyflor Expona Tread plate flooring tiles and the vault flooring is Easy Lawn Astroturf by The Artificial Lawn Company. The upstairs wall panelling is made using up-cycled oak floor boards which are charred and sealed and the downstairs wall panelling is galvanised tin sheets and seasoned timber planks. The coffee shop counter is made of Corten steels crafted by local craftsmen. Stools are designed and fabricated by Chalk Architecture, made in Shanghai from Chinese oak and upholstered in Naugahyde. The tables are also designed and fabricated by Chalk Architecture, made in Sussex with 25mm birch ply, Formica tops on bare steel box section framework and a dead matt lacquer. Pendant carcasses have been salvaged by from ship wrecking yards around the world.