Gadens Lawyers
Friday 15 Mar 2013


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The new Gadens Lawyers workplace is testimony to their progression in the last ten years and reflective of contemporary workplace thinking. The move from their previous fitout, completed by HASSELL nine years ago, is an evolution of the Gadens brand, from an up-and-coming top tier firm to an established yet accessible practice.
With inherent client knowledge, the design brief was able to surpass the everyday and focus on an aspirational outcome of connectedness, rather than pure floorplate efficiency. This focus facilitated a challenge to the traditional legal workplace planning model and movement beyond a perimeter office setup to increase connectedness.
Gadens made a conscious decision to occupy the lowest floor in the building. Completed in June 2012, the 7,000sqm workplace takes advantage of the low level direct views that Level 11 affords of the Brisbane River and Story Bridge. The relationship of connections through the base building is further illustrated through the woven nature of the perimeter columns winding asymmetrically up the building facade. The fitout references the surrounding ground plane and upward connectedness is intentionally reflected in the materiality of the fitout, through the integration of natural stone, timber and woven details.
The entry experience is a deliberately distinctive and generous environment, opening up to the river views and affording multiple artwork possibilities. A well known supporter of contemporary local artists, the entry environment is adaptable for rotational installations. With a deliberate neutral material palette, consistent with the gallery type environment, the finishes have taken an authentic approach in the new space with amplified textural qualities.
The journey continues up the curvilinear stair, winding upwards in a physical connection between all practice floors. Once in the workplace proper, cross floor views are filtered through transparent offices. The integrated artwork approach continues into the workspace where each office contains an original artwork. The four wall transparency of these offices allows these pieces to become a key part of the greater workplace palette.
Pursuing a Green Star 5 Star Office Interiors As Built rating, Gadens sustainable approaches extend to the development of the typical floor planning. A modular office system has been developed, located inboard on the floorplate, increasing flexibility. The perimeter opens up to workstations and informal lounge areas, slotted in between the irregular column layout, providing a diverse open plan environment. This unconventional planning of a law practice further demonstrates where Gadens see their brand progressing.