Modern Chinese Garden
Friday 15 Mar 2013


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This project is a real-estate sales centre located in the flourishing urban area crowded with people, moving cars and lots of noise. The purpose of the design was to isolate the noisy traffic outside and achieve a quiet and elegant indoors atmosphere. It is hoped to melt the Chinese garden concept into the interior space, so that people feel like they are walking into the garden.

KLID used elements of a Chinese garden in the room; passing the bridge across the pool, across a suspending wall with a waterfall, leading to the end of the bridge built with a copper lotus pond. Turning through an arch and entering the next room, the moving line of the whole process is the use of pace-moving and view-shifting methods in the design of Chinese gardens

The VIP room is designed with a pavilion concept, five pavilions in total, which are all in semi-open forms. A row of trees are arranged near the pavilions and the coloured stainless steel in the model is used to show the concept of fence. Although elements such as the bridge pool, wall, waterfall, lotus pond, arch, pavilion, wood, fencing and so on of Chinese gardens, are used in the design, it is converted into modern technique and styling. Metal, wood, marble and other materials are adopted to show their texture and shape creating an elegant and noble Modern Chinese Garden space.