Citadel Narikala
Thursday 14 Mar 2013


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The hotel Citadel Narikala is located in Georgia, on the slope of the old part of Tbilisi, beneath the city's ancient walls. The area is distinguished with particular colouring, small, typical Tbilisi houses, hanging like bird’s nests on the cliffs, with their wooden balconies and narrow stairs, paved streets and gentle slopes. With an objective to make the building volume blend and organically fall within the proportions of the old landscape, Olive designs divided the building into several fragments and succeeded in proper combination of varied small houses. These small houses have varied roofing, different levels and heights. Each of them may belong to any particular style, yet these rhythmic, evenly fragmented "small houses" harmoniously fit and join the locality.

The C-side of the building is squeezed through the rock and the rock itself penetrates into the interior of the ground floor. The rocky, complex landscape makes the building even more dynamic. Prior to construction, the City Hall authorities, taking into consideration the historic significance of the site, requested to carry out archaeological excavations. During archaeological excavations the fragments of historic city wall were traced, which has been preserved and now it is the major decoration of the hotel’s restaurant.

There were some artefacts found on site such as pottery dating back to early centuries and according to archaeologists were supposedly medical objects which are now exhibited in the small museum of the hotel lobby. The hotel interior is modern and simple, and due to a limited budget, was made with inexpensive materials. The only decoration in the room is framed pieces of archaeological finds and framed panels with stories relating to the historical facts of Tbilisi history coinciding with the room number. The reception is located next to the museum made of plywood. Metal banisters of the staircase are made of iron ropes producing an effect of hanging stairs. Light fixtures in the lobby ceiling are fabricated from the satellite disks.