Emotions and sophistication
Wednesday 13 Mar 2013


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Interior design and decoration for the MYRIAD by Sana Hotels is a natural outcome of the hotel’s essence: conceived to be Lisbon’s iconic sailboat overviewing the city’s eastern waterfront, the building looks ready to sail, reminding us that Portugal has an everlasting historical relationship with the sea and welcomes and blends with new cultures.

With its 70m tall inner atrium between the two bedroom ‘side wings’, the hotel is a permanent window to the ocean so the interior decoration sought to bring in that atmosphere. The 10-mile wide estuary creates silver and black sparkles on the water which was the inspiration behind the black and silver palette livened with a red touch in lounge areas and rooms.

Furniture, tissues and colours reflect the modernity and ever-changing ambiance of the MYRIAD by Sana which, like the ocean from where it stems, is in permanent motion. Comfort and informality are found in this hotel together with a touch of class. Every space was conceived for proper matching of lighting, texture and colour, intended to trigger emotion and surprise.

Inside the rooms, design and decoration favours the unique vista as an invitation for enjoyment. Beds are placed at premium selected spots yet all the remaining functions (toilet, closets and working desks) still benefit from the splendid views. Black shading screens ease natural sunlight while creating a smooth and serene environment. The top floor SPA, although sky high, brings the guest back to the oceans with its shades of light green reflected on the white and silver walls, with coral sculptures and carefully picked furniture. All with an ever-present sea view 360º round.

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