Robert Welch Store, Bath
Wednesday 13 Mar 2013


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Best known for their classic modern silverware designs, Robert Welch have recently opened this new 52 sq m store in Bath, England, completed in November 2012.

Located in Broad Street, in the heart of Medieval Bath, its interior design language builds on Pentagram Partner Lorenzo Apicella's previous design for Robert Welch's flagship studio store in Chipping Campden completed in 2009. That design involved connecting together a series of sparsely lit cottage rooms around one central sales area and opening them up into a circuit of bright display spaces surrounding an open design studio. The studio united the spaces around it and illustrated the Robert Welch design process.

Despite its very different scale and format, the Bath store was approached conceptually in a very similar way to Chipping Campden. The same focal displays were required to be at the heart of the store despite it being a smaller long and narrow space with a busy street on one side and a small public courtyard on the other. They were framed by white walls, black glass finishes, and mirror polished stainless steel details that were purposely contrasted against a new full height wall of local Bath stone. All were brought together side-by-side to express the warm and tactile modernism that is at the heart of Robert Welch products.

The design has succeeded in making the store feel dramatically larger than it was despite no change in its floor area and a full inventory display of all current Robert Welch products.

Pentagram Design, San Francisco