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Monday 11 Mar 2013


Suna Interior Design is an award-winning boutique interior design consultancy, providing interior services for property developers and the hospitality industry. Suna Interior Design has worked on The Loxfords development in Highbury, for Mount Anvil, from the initial stages of the project; on the internal specification, concierge and common areas, to the finishing touches, designing and installing the sales suite and show homes.

From four-storey townhouses, through to beautiful refurbished apartments in the Loxfords House and into the main section of the site, with the new build apartments, Suna Interior Design has worked on specification and show homes through the whole process; from the quirky eclectic refurbished units to the bold and contemporary design of the town houses and new build apartments.

Driven by their urban target markets, Suna Interior Design is sensitive to creating design and style to fit modern needs and desires, putting mportance on researching each new locality. They work closely and collaborate with their clients on their design ideas, pushing the boundaries of functional design. "We embrace the ideals of strong design, ensuring every interior delivers unique results. Each project we work on is very much a product of our innovation, creativity and collaboration with the client," notes Rebecca.

When putting design ideas together for The Loxfords, Suna Interior Design created spaces that are representative of ‘real life'. Personalised rooms that are reflective of how people really live. Not just traditional ‘show houses'.

The designers made an ardent point of utilising items that would give each room an individual and personal touch. "Stylistically I sourced treasured items and created a collection of individually chosen objects, sourced from a range of locations, including websites and antique fairs" said Suna's Helen. "The idea is to reflect the individual by creating a personal, hand-picked and genuine collection. Similar to something that may have been collected over the years by future owners of the home."
When choosing the features, the designers selected items that would enhance the collaboration of comfort and luxury combined with up-cycled arranges to create an eclectic feel.

Mount Anvil (Suna Interior Design)

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