Riverbar & Kitchen Complete
Tuesday 05 Mar 2013


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Riverbar & Kitchen is a large, open, light and vibrant space. It is comprised of two principal dining spaces; one semi-internal and one external. A dramatic 25 m long bar connects the internal and external dining spaces. All of these principal spaces address the north-easterly aspect towards the river and Story Bridge. Back of house and service facilities are designed to maximise functional efficiency and are located behind the bar and dining areas. The design draws on its place by the river to establish a strong visual and physical connection.

“Riverbar” has become a beacon of activity along the river bank. A place to meet, relax and enjoy the experience of the river-city. The arrangement offers a variety of seating options echoing Riverbar’s approach to its menu which features a focus on sharing and includes long communal tables that encourage interaction between patrons throughout the venue. The material palette is honest and a little vibrant. Form and materiality are intended to seem familiar to patron but assembled with points of difference. In this way Riverbar establishes an engaging environment so as to stimulate the patron’s senses.

Humphrey & Edwards