Wuxi Grand Theatre public interiors
Wednesday 30 Jan 2013


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One of the main concepts for the interior design was to connect the exterior with the interior of the building. Some of the main design elements as the “metal wings” roof structures, the array of 50 “light columns” and the limestone facades penetrate into the main entrance foyer which results in a rich public space which is an extension of the exterior. For the curved lobby wall covering the main auditorium a  special glass brick was developed which was inspired by both the rich Finnish history of glass design and the Wuli Lake water context which is surrounding the building and is reflected by the wave pattern of the glass bricks. For the lobby ceilings a white ceiling made of glass fibre is reinforced with gypsum material.

All technical fixtures as lighting, air conditioning, sprinkler systems and acoustical absorption surfaces are integrated in the hexagonal shaped ceiling elements. In the main auditorium solid bamboo material creates a “banded” space. The sustainable technical bamboo material was cut with latest CNC technology, and the shape and material were developed to match our acoustical demands. An acoustical reflector, inspired by ancient Chinese opera mask design, is suspended in the centre of the room. It is made of leaf gold covered steel bands, and it is semi-transparent to sound waves to enhance the acoustical performance of the room.

In the smaller multifunctional auditorium a special black acoustic wall brick made of Glass fibre reinforced gypsum was developed. The straight forward rectangular shape and the systematic angled reflective wall pattern creates a counterpart to the soft elegant curves in the main auditorium. The interiors get complimented with custom designed suspended staircases made of steel and bamboo and with the translucent “ice furnitures” which are entirely made of corian material.

PES-Architects Ltd.


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