Monday 14 Jan 2013


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The Chico's restaurant chain has been serving North American food to Finns since 1991. In spring 2012 the chain's time-honoured Iso Omena (‘Big Apple') restaurant (396 m²) was reopened with a bold new interior. Amerikka Design Office Ltd. had created a new space concept for the restaurant, designed to support its new food, drink and service concept. Visually, the restaurant underwent a complete transformation.

The visual standpoint for the restaurant's look is modern-day USA, manifested through a wild mix of urban pulse and human warmth. The restaurant interior is marked by bold expression, beautifully fading surfaces and genuine materials.

The mid-floor area of the restaurant consists of comfortable tables where a mixture of openness and privacy is created by the sofas and wooden wall elements in various places. Each wooden wall element houses menus and cutlery to make serving fast and easy.

The sofas and chairs were specially developed for the project. A lot of emphasis was put on finding the right seat and table measurements for relaxed dining. The furniture was handmade by the highly respected Finnish woodworking firm Nikari Oy.

There are many details for the customer to fall in love with. The window frames reclaimed from demolished buildings form an imaginary window on urban landscapes, huge photo prints continue from walls to ceiling and huge murals by the artists Juha Lahtinen and Samuli Suonperä cover the brick walls.

The restaurant premises are designed to function seamlessly through all seasons and to serve a wide range of requirements. Chico's invites customers to enjoy lunch, a drink or dinner on their own or with friends. To support the staff in their work, the restaurant facilities also comply with the chain's service model. The change has been a success and a delight for customers and staff alike. There has been positive feedback on its atmosphere, its spicy details and its solutions which make it easier to serve customers. The positivity is reflected in business figures, too.

Amerikka Design Office is very proud of its client for being courageous enough to undergo such a major visual transformation, becoming a forerunner in contemporary restaurant design. All in all a great cooperation with the client, a great design process and a great result!

Amerikka Design Office Ltd.

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