Manchester City Football Club, UK
Thursday 10 Jan 2013


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Manchester City Football Club prides itself on local procurement and follows a strongly enshrined policy called ‘Working for the Future 2012'. Responsible for the redesign of club hospitality spaces, 20.20 recognised that fans needed to be engaged in the heritage of Manchester City FC, while members of the premium hospitality offer needed to become ambassadors for their local community. All manufacturing and materials were sourced locally wherever possible to maintain the Club's ‘community first' ethos.

The Connell Club

This top-tier experience offers unprecedented access to exclusive fine dining for up to 220 guests. The design of the space honours the family that laid the foundations for what was to become Manchester City FC over one hundred years ago.

The story of the Connell family is articulated through subtle detailing; the suite greets you with traditional crafted solid oak doors adorned with the two C's that form The Connell Club identity in solid brass, and a gesture to the Club's original crest.

As you enter the restaurant, a digitally printed fumed oak ceiling leads your eye to the Ambassador's booths, set in the most prime position. The origin of the Maltese Cross of Gorton AFC (used in the Connell Club crest) is notcategorically known; it is thought to represent several key attributes in loyalty, frankness, bravery, glory and honour. We have added bronze carvings onto tabletops dedicated to these five values.

The Connell family knocked on hundreds of doors to form one of the first teams, and this dedication is honoured through a lacquered wall feature with traditional fixtures, fittings and lettering.The look and feel throughout the space is a mix of traditional and modern: warm, welcoming and intimate.

The Mancunian

The Mancunian suite is a vibrant and urban space that celebrates the culture of Manchester and the heritage of Manchester City FC. In the Mancunian, we do premium - the City way.

The musical design inspiration of The Mancunian is introduced with the cylindrical timber entrance,black woven vinyl flooring and a concentric circle of iconic lyrics. These lyrics resonate from the bar to form the vinyl ceiling, chainmail and restaurant seating. Sound wave screens create an intimate setting for pre-match drinks, and frame your first view of the pitch, which is now the perfect backdrop to the restaurant.

City Legends of past and present, and iconic moments in the Club's historyare celebrated throughout the space, which uses all manner of materials - from kinky velvet and neon prints to reflective disco pant tiles. Engaging storytelling is executed here with typical Mancunian charm.

The most radical change was to move the bar to the front of the space, creating a dramatic entrance and opening up one of the best panoramic views of the pitch in the Etihad stadium.

TheMancunian and Connell Clubhad such great demand pre-season thatMCFChad to cap the annual season ticket sales for each area, proving that the new spaces are a great success with their supporters. 

Mancunian 530SqM

The Connell Club 470SqM