Pets Carnival Store, Melbourne, Australia
Thursday 10 Jan 2013


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Pets Carnival is a celebration of the joy and playfulness that comes with being a pet owner. The concept is to initiate new ways of shopping for our pets. By personalising and humanising the experience, we can instigate a movement of thought, where animals are more than just pets, but are an integral part of the family. This new and exciting idea rivals the traditional pet shops that are commonly seen.

The colour palette selected endeavours to offset the boldness of the products, to create a balance of colour that allows the maximum showcasing of the merchandise. It is a combination of neutral tones, highlighted with vibrant and striking highlights. Neon acrylic tubes are organised haphazardly at the shopfront to create an entryway for customers, and to capture the attention of passer-bys. Once customers journey past the shopfront, the shades begin to mellow and the product displays become the centrepiece of the shop. Primary colours are streaked throughout the area, starting at the floor, along the partitions and onto the ceiling. This feature forms a cohesiveness, that would otherwise leave the space segmented and unfinished.  This approach to colour encapsulates the frivolity of the carnival concept, whilst honouring the intent of the store.

Ordinary, commonplace materials are explored and utilised in new ways that generate an exciting tactile experience. Timber is used in many forms to create unique spatial awareness. Kennel-like structures have been built within the space to create smaller, intimate enclosures to display items. The amplified scale of the feature is executed in human proportions, to introduce an element of fun. This breaks up the space, and sets a rhythm for the eye to follow. Made from timer slats, the roof of the kennel allows light from above the filter through onto the products, and light from within to reflect onto the ceiling space. The portal at the shopfront has been constructed from thousands of individual timber rods to form a coherent whole. They have been arranged in a disorderly manner to mimic the unpredictability of animal nature. This layering effect of the material develops depth and movement that cannot be generated through by machines. Peg board, the humble material, is used extensively as a backdrop for displays.

Pets Carnival takes advantage of everyday materials, paired with exceptional colour schemes to create an unprecedented pets shopping experience that will be a pioneer to others within the same industry.

rptecture architects

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