H3 Experience Centre, Kunming, China
Thursday 10 Jan 2013


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Isabel Flooring is an established flooring specialist in China. H3 is their foray into other wood products such as timber doors and built-in furnitures. This design exercise will attempt to portray H3 as "The Wood Specialist" and set a store identity for the brand's countrywide expansion.


The site is located in one of the new building materials centers in Songming County, Kunming.

The site area of 533.5 square meter is to be expanded into a double storey  994 square meter sales centre. 

Design Brief:

To create a new kind of shopping experience for the consumers in a highly competitive building materials market.

To create a strong and memorable store identity with maximum visual impact.

To portray the brand's effort in it's constant push for sustainable process and products

To capitalize on Isabel's success in laminate flooring

Interior Design

To take advantage of the parent brand's heritage in laminated flooring, the design used the product to "lead" customers into the other new products. A brand new "Ribbon" system of flooring sample presentation is created which brings customers from one zone to another.

With the "Ribbon" system, customers are led from one zone to another, allowing them to move in a structured yet open manner, guiding them , yet not restricting them.

The sample zones are created to allow customers to see how the different products can be matched to form different harmonious living environments to help customers solve common design dilemmas. 

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