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Tottenham Hotspur's goal was to build the best elite football training centre in Europe, over a 77 acre site, enabling it to compete at the highest level, and attract, develop and retain the highest quality talent.

The club required the development master plan, architecture and interior spaces to reflect its unique brand. KSS provided an integrated and a cohesive interior/architectural/graphic language inspired by the Clubs core values of style, passion, unique, respect and sharing.

KSS' design concept creates a building with two key roles. It acts as the "players' office", where players have a sense of ownership and belonging - an inner sanctum, where they refine their skills, develop team spirit, and recover from injuries. It is also a place which welcomes the academy scholars to the disciplines required to become a professional footballer by encouraging them to work hard and progress, giving them a flavour of what they can aspire to and achieve.

The Club's core values were developed into design themes of ownership, energy, glimpses, scale and detail, which in turn are interwoven into the design and reinforced with brand messaging, i.e. Academy in a bold application and First Team a subtle etched approach. The building design develops these concept themes through its internal layout ‘an inspirational route' through the levels of detail, hierarchy of materials and graphic applications into a single legible design based on a unique visioning philosophy.

The accommodation is divided into two separate wings - First Team and Academy wing - each flanking an ETFE covered training pitch, with a central hub of core learning and relaxation facilities. Reception areas to each wing frame views to the external pitches, giving visual reference to the energy and passion of the football training taking place outside.

A feature timber panelled corridor runs the length of the internal covered pitch, providing glimpses of movement and energy through double height slot windows. The Academy wing materials are simple and robust including resin flooring, split-faced block walls and painted joinery, whilst First Team areas use more refined polished floor tiles, painted back glass and oak joinery, responding to the mature woodland. The materials and design philosophically reflect the journey of an academy scholar's development from "raw talent" to "finished article".

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