The Paul Hamlyn Hall Champagne Bar - Royal Opera House, London, UK
Tuesday 08 Jan 2013


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The vast Paul Hamlyn Hall at London's Royal Opera House now hosts a new champagne bar that is 13.5 metres long, has sixteen serving points and is finished to please even the most discerning eye. 

The brief was to create an elegant and accessible experience for the thousands of theatregoers who move swiftly through the Paul Hamlyn Hall Bar during limited intermission times, that could also be disassembled for a variety of use.

The final design concept for the bar allows for three different compositions. This means that there are three alternative layout options giving much more flexibility for the varied use of the hall. For internal performances within the Opera House the bar remains one piece placed within the center of the space where customers can approach the bar from all sides. However, when the hall is being used for external events such as private bookings, the bar is broken into sections and placed in different areas of the room. The third option allows the bar to be completely removed and placed in storage to give the full space of the hall.

The oval shape of the bar means that customers can be served from all sides and different food offers can be easily displayed. Large table lamps sit on shelves around the space drawing visitors to different corners of the hall. The wall mirror has been extended to the floor, providing a striking addition to the great, bustling room.

The material selection of the bar finishes, as well as the flooring and furniture, echoes many qualities inherent to the space and the food on offer: sophisticated, luxurious, exuding attention to detail and craftsmanship. Scottish quilted leather wraps around the bar front while Finnish Artek chairs stand gracefully on the Hungarian point timber floor.