note et silence, mint KOBE, Japan
Friday 04 Jan 2013


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note et silence is a fashion boutique, which newly opened in Kobe, a port city in Kansai area.

The shop holds three original brands, which appeal to sophisticated women with a sense of humor and with a playful mind.


' Humour ' and ' Playfullness' were the key when we started this project, and we defined the shop as a stage, customers as actors / actresses, and the interior as a stage setting.


' Floating box'

Wall, Floor and Ceiling are the main elements to create a space. Based on the idea of ' Stage Setting', we aimed to create a versatile space and we made ' Wall ( = Box ), can be moved to a certain extent. If the box is placed near the entrance, it creates a corridor and the space becomes very aggressive atmosphere. If it is placed at the back of the shop, it creates a bigger area within the shop. With the effect of the box, the space can be configured for different scenes like a gallery.


Floor Area/Space: 82.36m2

Material / Finish: 

Wall and Ceiling: Acrylic emulsion paint 

Floor : mortar with clear paint

Cash counter: white urethane paint coating

Table etc : oak with  urethane clear paint / brass aging paint.


Photography: Koichi Torimura

Specialnormal Inc.