Boston Revere Hotel, Boston, USA
Wednesday 02 Jan 2013


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BBGM Interiors was charged with converting the interiors of the largest pre-cast concrete hotel building in the world, mostly forgotten, to a boutique lifestyle hotel. A complex property, Revere was designed to spark the city's lagging theatre district by incorporating the dramatic theme of its environs, the Theatre District, and bringing its spaces to life. The hotel houses two theatres itself and this served as the spring board for the design and transformation.

The lobby is the „Prologue? featuring an elegant series of white lacquer panels surrounding a Richard Serra inspired sculptural transition - a functional art piece that gracefully moves the guest through the space, gesturing grandly towards the reception desk and a large scaled metallic layered panel wall relief. This piece speaks an aesthetic soliloquy, setting the stage for the acts to follow.

The Guest Rooms are the ensemble cast of our production. Masculine and feminine references dramatically interplay with each other and perform elegantly. The bed is donned in fur, and the sensuously heeled desk and coy headboard of faux suede embossed with a "snake" texture flirt with the masculine black and white hounds tooth patterned chaise. A large dark coloured organic graphic print carpet anchors the space, followed by a layering of modern case goods made of sycamore and African teak. The neutral colour palate allows the patterns and bold splashes of colour to steal the show.

The Presidential Suite is the leading actor of this performance. It is grandiose and intentionally egotistical, flipping the finger to conventional society. Furniture in this space appears to have been collected from cities visited during touring production travels and from the sets of former theatrical performances, exuding personal style. The suite is intentionally dark and dramatic with audacious splashes of colour and ironic pieces mixing and cohabitating with modern and traditional elements throughout.

This hotel offers highly unusual event spaces including the Sixth Floor Meeting Space. This space was originally carved out of the parking garage structure and blended with the tower structure. We created "Industrial Chic" - the backstage and the inner workings of the production. While the characters of the Lobby, Guest Rooms and Suites reference eclecticism, this space boldly embraces it. Raw brick, reclaimed wood, rustic metals and exposed piping and concrete suggest steadfast spaces that have aged gracefully through many productions. 

As a play has many characters, so does our hotel. The two theatres are an unusual element for such a property and serve as incredible function spaces. One theatre is simply a „Black Box" and the other is a working movie theatre that was refitted with high end seating. In between these two theatres is the "Pre-Function" space which we call "Between the Acts".

In this scene the guests become the performers with the art, as the space is a backdrop to the events, pre-show and intermission gatherings. Sparingly furnished to allow for flexibility, all pieces are distinctly artistic in nature in a neutral box. The finishes feature a grey polished concrete floor and a white box of lacquer panels, etched glass and plaster. A special feature is the plaster cast "hands" that valiantly extend from the wall gesturing to the cheeky nature of this production.

The finale to our story is the Ultra Lounge. Scene One is the Emerald Lounge, "the Wicked Jewel of the City." This scene is set with sleek lined furniture and polished finishes and is dramatically lit with a rich green glowing onyx bar. The sculpture feature greets you at the entry and traverses the space referencing the famous twister that inspired that very first iconic journey to the Emerald City. But a lounge is not complete without the VIP Bar, otherwise known as Scene Two - Ruby Lounge referencing "those ruby red slippers". Secretly tucked away, the Ruby Lounge's intoxicating poppies lure guests into this intimate space. The sensuous curve of the stiletto heel inspired the bar and lays the groundwork for wicked little trysts.