Yuzu Japanese Grill, Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel, China
Monday 31 Dec 2012


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Yuzu Japanese Grill is located within the Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel in Shanghai, China and offers delicate Japanese cuisine and YUZU lemon infused sake.

The design details and interior look of the space were inspired by the Yuzu, a fruit similar to an orange, that grows wild in central China. The large round swag lamps hung throughout the space echo the shape and interior white rind of the Yuzu fruit.

The grill has an electric feel, with bold colors for upholstery and tactile, textured stone on the walls. Bamboo, indigenous to the region, was used throughout for furniture and walls, with a honey colored stain that matches the color of the Yuzu tree itself. In the main area of the dining room, a large, boat-shaped light fixture embedded in the ceiling suggests the shape of a traditional Japanese fishing boat.

The walls feature evenly shaped, and subtly lighted alcove squares in the wall relating to the orderliness/zen of Japanese culture. The interior has understated clean lines, and reflects the elegance and style of Japanese culture.