The Lounge, Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel, China
Friday 28 Dec 2012


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Expansive and elegant, yet calm and organic, a feast for all senses.

The Lounge is located within the Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel in Shanghai, China. Divided into different zones, this Shanghai buffet offers coffee and tea during the day, cocktails and live entertainment each evening.

A dramatic light fixture, representing the swirling, maritime winds of Shanghai, is suspended above an area with bar seating. The design tells a subtle cultural story for guests from the east as well as business travelers from the west, creating a harmonious, multicultural interior.

The Lounge is expansive, yet cozy, and swirls out into the hotel lobby. This reflects the organic swirling nature of maritime Shanghai currents and the stormy nature of changing winds that flow and change the city, while still retaining small, calm eddys – intimate conversation areas that offer respite and relaxation - off the main space.

The swirly, sea current shapes are echoed on the rugs and upholstery in the interior. This creates a blurred line between the busy hotel lobby, and a relaxing lounge atmosphere.