Graffiti Café, Varna, Bulgaria
Thursday 27 Dec 2012


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Located in Varnia, Bulgaria, in a boutique hotel- Graffiti Hotel, featuring an art gallery, 4 hotel floors, restaurant and a night club area; 300 SQM. The main design direction and desires were to follow the architectural and functional context of the space. They retracted the building's façade to the front part of the ceiling and right underneath it they used the same pavement that is present on the sidewalk- thus allowing the outer atmosphere to come in and additionally emphasizing the console silhouette of the building.

Curtains on both sides provided the comfort, visual and psychological shield that the surrounding glass curtain needed. They were looking for clean, practical and durable materials which naturally lead to the choice of engineered stone flooring and polyurethane painted MDF back wall. Both materials are hard and therefore not acoustically- friendly - this added another function to the ceiling which already had ventilation, lighting and sound to contain. All these problems were solved by the use of linear plywood ceiling with enough depth to hide what's beneth it. The columns act as natural continuation of the ceiling, geometrically inspired by traditional lathe wood leg. The flooring pattern interprets Escher's work and the graphite molecular structure, which goes 3D on the wall, aesthetically complimenting the curtain effect. By functional design we separated the area into two zones; the front zone was incorporated into the exterior creating public space; the rear zon was separated through the floor and roof design that allowed reducing depth of space while keeping the panorama.

They created a unique concept that masters the space while satisfying all technological and functional requirements. The result is trendy interior with sufficient dose of artistry as intentionally wanted reference to the gallery of modern art situated on the next level of the building. Design: Mode Images: 3INSPIRIT