Rooms Hotel, Georgia
Thursday 27 Dec 2012


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Rooms were approached to create an interior and exterior concept for mountain hotel with 156 rooms. The "Rooms Hotel" is situated in the magical Caucasian mountains and Rooms wanted to create a dream hotel to reflect the location. The mountainous environment and existing structure of a former tourist centre from Soviet times were all considered when creating the mood of the hotel's simplistic interior design.

The use of natural materials in the interior creates a "mountain hotel" style in which guests feel immediately at home. The ambiance of the lobby is contemporary, with elements of industrial design combined with comfortable leather armchairs found in a club or cigar lounge. Bookshelves divide the space and create comfortable space with the privacy encountered in a living room.

About Rooms:

Designers Nata and Keti, were born in Tbilisi, Georgia in the spring of 1981. The pair studied together at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts in the Interior Design faculty. After graduation they founded the company Rooms.

The designers who live in Tbilisi work on lots of local interior and product design projects. They are proud to be the first Georgian designers whose work was presented at international exhibitions and the Moooi showroom that produces the studio's Position lamp.

Rooms' interior projects include hotels, restaurants, shops and private apartments. Rooms' success both in Georgia and the international market has motivated and challenged the two designers to be part of an international design industry. They started to use their products in their own projects, and international exhibitions have provided beneficial press and sales.