Popcorn@TKO, Hong Kong
Monday 24 Dec 2012


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This two storey 20,000 sq. m. retail mall is redefining the town centre of Hong Kong. It enables a seamless transition to the adjoining metro station, civic squares, public transport interchange and the adjacent developments. It forms part of the podium of a comprehensive development with residential towers, hotels and office. The project was completed at April, 2012.

The challenge of the retail mall design is to create a unique and stylistic interior arcade space, yet enable a harmonious display of a variety of shops. The two storeys are conceived as one single 250m long retail interior space, with series of interconnecting voids and atriums that enable unobstructed sightlines between the two levels.

The Retail Park Concept begins with water and the Park as the theme for connectivity and fluidity that meanders through its immediate neighbourhood. The movement of water is a powerful force, inspiring areas that it passes by, changing forms and creating possibilities. The different states of water are expressed as rain drops, ripples, bubbles, and cascades.

The 250m long retail central spine is a sequence of innovative streetscapes that foster an art - Park atmosphere with visual and interactive experience. It turns the array of shops into an exploratory path with changing perspectives and geometric rhythm. Atriums and event spaces are nodes and they are like ripples that generate penetrating waves.

The array of tower mega columns build up a unique space in the interior. In contrasting with the fluidity of water, this space imitates the effect of clusters of gallery display. The theatrical centre piece at the heart of the arcade acts as the transitional space between the indoor event space and the outdoor civic square. The embracing curves in the design reinforce the stage effect for performances and events. The lighting display is designed as stars in the Park, accentuating a feeling of converging visitors at the centre point to appreciate the city life.

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