Toy, New York, USA
Friday 21 Dec 2012


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Envisioned as a fluid environment that transitions from dining destination to nightclub, Toy is a nightlife playground inspired by the notion of restaurant as fashion.

The twelfth collaboration between restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow and Jeffrey Beers completed in June 2012, the club’s centerpiece is an expansive ceiling installation of mirrored triangles—origami meets 1,500-pound disco ball. The fractal ceiling is echoed in both custom chandeliers and the design of the DJ booth.

The light bounces off the reflective elements while state-of-the-art digital mapping technology is projected onto the surface of the booth, surrounding guests in a surreal, kaleidoscopic world. For the perimeter of the space, the JBI team commissioned a bold custom-designed graphic printed on vinyl.

Toy marks the first application of this product, the same material used to wrap buses, in an interior space. The current graphic spans one double-height wall and references antique Ming-era China patterns, its glossy finish resembling porcelain. As befits the Toys mutable design, the wall graphic will be changed seasonally. Toy’s design intentionally plays with layers and views through the space. A glass and blackened steel stair leading to the mezzanine level rises between the graphic wall and a sheer scrim.

The scrim reveals gauzy silhouettes of guests on the stair as they pass in front of the bold patterns on the wall behind. To bring a sense of order to this dramatic and irregularly configured, 2,000-square-foot venue, the design team created a series of different dining moments in the space by using a variety of table shapes and sizes throughout the restaurant.

A range of banquettes, cozy nooks, or long communal tables accommodates large parties or intimate dates, and an outdoor patio welcomes guests in the warm weather.

Jeffrey Beers International