Al Nassr Football Store, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Thursday 20 Dec 2012


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The Al Nassr FC store is a contemporary, dynamic space with an asymmetric ceiling which makes reference to the lines of the football pitch and the path of the football.

The vast ceiling is made up of a series of painted beams at different angles which create voids up to the ceiling above and make reference to the colours and geometry of a football. Illuminated yellow acrylic infill panels add vibrancy and highlight feature areas.

The ceiling reflects the movement of the game and instinctively draws customers in from the main entry and around the store to the different merchandise areas. A simple palette of materials helps offset the product for maximum impact. On the lower half of the walls, neutral display areas sit against a background of timber and concrete with the predominant team colours of yellow and blue incorporated to add impact to signage and feature areas.

Timber is introduced to provide contrast, texture and warmth to the space. The high walls support a series of bold colour and graphics to add interest and excitement but ensuring not to take away focus from the displays below. The graphics and colours are arranged in a way that link back down into the lower wall panels and back up into the ceiling feature. On entering the store the customer is confronted with a row of mannequins directing the customer toward the Men’s and Sportswear displays beyond.

A feature is made of the Genuine Kit Display at the rear of the store in a vibrant yellow backdrop and large plasma screens above. Along the left hand side of the store, the display areas are divided into smaller sections to break up the huge space. Timber floors and walls form the backdrop for the Accessories, Youth, Children and Baby and Women’s display areas. Carpet features are mirrored above by lowered ceiling features to help define each individual area.

The large open Display and Promotional area is located in front of the Footwear and Boots display as the last area the customer will pass through before the service counter. The illuminated Al Nassr logo has a strong presence behind the service counter with the adjacent large graphic image providing additional interest and atmosphere. The counter, being the last stop, is positioned in a way that directs the customer out of the store toward the separate exit.