Sigma Paints, Saudi Arabia
Tuesday 13 Nov 2012


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Sigma Paints is one of the top three paint companies in the Middle East market.

Architecture and interior design firm dwp was hired to develop a complete roll-out for two strategic shop types in Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries: an inspirational paint selection shop for the homeowner and an inspirational corner "shop-inside-a-shop" solution to fit into professional paint shops in the Middle East market.

In both shops dwp develop joinery to make colour selection easier for customers that shop for themselves or families who come to the stores for design advice. The shops are designed with a contemporary sensibility that is also comfortable and welcoming to all types of home-owners.

Each shop uses various modular elements to suit six different shop configurations and sizes common in the market. The final roll-out of pro-shops and the inspirational shops was set for April 2011 in Saudi Arabia. This unique concept puts at the customer's disposal not just a variety of colours offered by the brand, but also inspirational ideas and suitable combinations for maximum impact.

With colour and lifestyle at the forefront, the intent was to allow the customer to be their own interior designer. The colour wall brings together eight colour groups with inspiring photos, trend conscious colours and suggested combinations.

 The inspiration gallery is where customers can see the real application of their dreams and vision in real life. With a wide array of colours and corresponding images, their designs are brought from the realm of dreams into reality.

dwp provided a turnkey solution and designed the equivalent of a high-end boutique that caters to the individual or family to be invited to sit with a professional decorator to discuss a vast range of special wall finishes for their home through the use of state of the art technology.

Special lighting and creative feature displays enhance a creative environment that is not is seen any other paint stores in the region. The overall impact is of a holistic design experience, not found anywhere else in the Middle East.

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