Tokyo Innovation Center
Thursday 18 Oct 2012


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The objective of this project was to integrate research departments which have been dispersed now in each factory of the company. Then, the client ant our team expected the operation of research development to be more immediate and creative via this project.

Against the greenwood background of Musashino Forest, the site is located at the boundary of new residential urban fabric and the foot of mountain. The planning area is at the corner of industrial site on this boundary.

While saving more areas for the future development, main buildings had been set along the West to East direction to control the minimum impact to the existing residential area. As for the view direction, we provided the clear connection from the station and the block against West direction by the gate-framed entrance.

Basing on the concept of "linking / opening / understanding", volumes of two-story hall set with slightly shift like stair structure. We achieved to design the research workplace with dynamic clear view inside. At the dining hall with green roof garden, workers here can use such space not only for dining but working discussion. We might incorporate the creative workplace for the research development by synthetic design of longitudinally-set reference rooms and visible rooms for various fields' research activities.

Furthermore, at laboratories and research rooms, we tried to enhance flexibility for corresponding environmental change in the future by building mechanical balconies at South side.

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