Friday 05 Oct 2012


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In 2007, 22squared faced significant change. The lease on its workplace of more than 10 years was almost up, the company rebranded from WestWayne after a change in leadership, and the advertising industry was in the midst of its biggest transformation in half a century. With all of this under consideration, the company decided to completely rethink the design and functionality of its workplace. 22squared needed an environment to support new ways of working and knowledge sharing while communicating its new brand. As an external face of the company, the office needed to represent the company as a creative team of professionals focused on its clients' goals.

The new LEED© Gold design increases transparency among departments and lets clients see the creative process. "Living room" and "family room" spaces were created to support new design thinking. These spaces foster communication between clients and staff, as well as younger and older generations, through both digital and traditional mediums.

By arranging staff in "neighborhoods," the functional silos in which team members used to sit are broken down and replaced with new ways of interactivity. Collocated support services encourage serendipitous encounters and increase communication between team members on different projects. Unnecessary corridors that divided work areas were eliminated and workstation walls were lowered to eliminate visual barriers. Glass enclosed offices, collaboration space, and conference rooms allow everyone to see work in progress.  A variety of new work areas provide space for individuals or groups to work away from their main workstation, allowing personal preference and work freedom. Even the walls can be used in the creative process; they are mostly covered in writable wallcovering or are made of writeable glass.

In a post-occupancy study, team members reported a 20% increase in knowledge sharing and report a 26% increase in environmental appreciation.