Arcis Seismic Solutions
Friday 05 Oct 2012


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Arcis Seismic Solutions, based out of Calgary, Alberta, sought an interior design strategy that would promote their global ambitions, highlight their industry-leading use of technology and provide a healthy, stimulating work environment for their staff and clients.

Located on 20th and 21st floors of a LEED Gold building along the Bow River, the space's most captivating feature is the uninterrupted views of the river valley and Canadian Rockies. Initial space planning pushed meeting rooms towards the building core, forming a daylight-filled gallery between the interior rooms and the exterior glazing.This gallery continues throughout the 21st floor, opening along the west side of the building into a large reception and bistro space. The gallery dedicates a large amount of square footage to an experience of space and context rather than, solely, functional requirements. This approach to space utilization is dramatically different for Calgary, showcasing Arcis' desire to be recognized as a global entity and innovative company.

On the 20th floor an egalitarian, open office environment allows for a high density of workstations without comprising staff access to daylight and exterior views. Intelligent space planning also yielded seven small focus rooms in space near structural columns that was otherwise unusable. These focus rooms, only steps from any given workstation on the floor, provide space for team discussions or private phone calls, in an otherwise quiet, heads-down work environment.

Interior finishes were inspired by the geophysical industry. Stacked natural materials, organic carpet patterns, angled interior geometry and custom furnishings reference natural formations uncovered during seismic exploration. Exposed hardware, bold, map-based graphics, raw concrete flooring and integrated audio/visual, highlight Arcis' innovative practices and industry-leading use of technology.

A desire for a healthy, engaging work environment was expressed by Arcis and therefore considered in each stage of the design process.

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