Wrangler Store by Checkland Kindleysides
Thursday 04 Oct 2012


Iconic denim brand Wrangler has opened its first stand-alone store in Germany, and the first of a new design that is planned to be rolled out across Europe.

"The store is designed to capture the spirit of the Wrangler brand" says CK founder Jeff Kindleysides.

"Conceptually the store needed to feel impulsive and industrious; this is important for a brand like Wrangler that's full of adrenaline. We also wanted to capture the notion that Wrangler jeans are ‘built for strength and tailored for freedom' this comes through in the finished store design."

The choice of materials and the way they are used creates an aesthetic which reflects this attitude; from the inherent strength of the aged steel; to the creation of a skylight and use of glass throughout the store, providing a feeling of translucency and light and a connection that Wrangler is ‘the original American outdoor denim brand'.

Throughout are references to Wrangler's history and iconography; including ‘factory window' frames, creating a flexible graphic mosaic where each pane can have a different character; some plain, tarnished, frosted or mirrored, whilst others carry photos/graphics creating varied and inspiring backdrops.

A key feature display is the ‘denim drawing table' which creates a focal point showcasing Wrangler's ‘newness', presenting the latest key outfits, fits and finishes.

 "The design captures the values and origins of the brand in a contemporary setting, with architectural cues providing a backdrop bringing Wrangler's denim to life, resulting in a store experience that is pared back, raw and effortless to shop," said Jeff Kindleysides.

"Wrangler is about building on the past to shape the future. CK has done a fantastic job in capturing Wrangler's unique denim heritage. The store is rich in specific details from Wrangler's past, but it also has a fresh and contemporary feel." President, Wrangler EMEA