Net-a-Porter HQ, London
Wednesday 03 Oct 2012


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Studiofibre designs a physical world for virtual brand, Net-A-Porter Group.

 Since realising Net-A-Porter Group's first project in April 2010 for a London HQ and creating a physical world for their then virtual brand, Studiofibre have created lifestyle workplaces across 10more projects, in 7 different locations and over 3 continents.  In each different context, the building's structure has been evolved and then ‘dressed' with meticulous detail to create the strong design identity that unites the business's international workplaces, theiroffices, photographic studios and warehouses alike.

For the London HQ, Studiofibre took the huge, industrial 'airplane hangar' spaceat the top of Westfield's Village, with 10 ft ceiling height and floor to ceiling windows (formerly intended for a swimming pool) and transformed it into a 'work wonderland'; a mixture of old world glamour and classical detailing with 21st century technology and slick modern finishing.

Answering the client's brief in terms of functionality, aesthetics and budget, Studiofibre created a flexible, progressive working environment that is able to accommodate the constant evolution of the company structure( the headcount in this space alone has more than doubled in the past 2 years ), creating a 3D embodiment of the 'luxury' brand within the constraints of a strict budget, through a carefully chosen use of simple materials, finishes and furniture ...  and mixed with the odd dash of glamour !

Similarly projects in the UK, US and Asia have seen formerly industrial shells transformed into innovative Net-A-Porter working environments, bringing to life the vision of what a modern 21st century company should look like (another key element of the client's initial challenge). The resultsare democratic spaces, the only walls being those of the clear, glazed meeting rooms, where the flow of communication is transparent to encourage collaboration and stimulate thinking and creativity. Areas such as the stairs have been designed for staff to congregate and exchange ideas and the development of certain bespoke furniture items, such as the circular booths encourage team work out in the open and away from the confines of the desk.

From the cavernous volumes at Westfield andthe much lower ceiling heights of New Jersey, the Manhattan skyline of the New York offices, or the window-less spaces in Hong Kong, there is still in each location and across each activity a familiar sense of ‘coming home' which globally unites the company.