Nokia, Silicon Valley
Monday 01 Oct 2012


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Gensler created a Silicon Valley HQ for the next generation of Research and Development engineers, along with development and implementation of Gensler's new global guidelines for Nokia.

Established as the world's leading supplier of mobile phones, Nokia has continually evolved within the rapidly changing landscape of the technology industry.

To reposition Nokia's brand awareness in North America, the client sought to establish their presence as a thought leader within the heart of innovation and entrepreneurialism - Silicon Valley.

They embarked on a project to consolidate five existing locations throughout the Bay Area into one single-tenant, 5-storey building in downtown Sunnyvale.

With less external mobility, higher levels of focused work, and more ad-hoc collaboration, the client challenged our team to rethink their future R&D workplace experience.

Gensler's approach included a joint research and design process to understand what R&D work practices mean at Nokia, looking broadly at their global locations, and also locally within the Bay Area.

One of the overarching themes was to design for a model of ‘open innovation.' By encouraging new collaborative partnerships with third-party companies, academia, and customers, the process of R&D was becoming more inclusive, collaborative, and innovative.

At Nokia, who uniquely refers to innovation as a ‘contact sport', there was a need for closer and faster collaboration, but also a desire to make innovation visible and palpable upon arrival. This sensibility applied to the idea of creating a sense of unity at the Sunnyvale location, as evidenced in the desire to celebrate the personality of the inhabitants within, whether they be employees, collaborators, and visitors, through to their diverse multi-generational workforce.

The design concept for Nokia Sunnyvale is about creating a vertical community that merges the functionality of a workplace with the comfort and connection of hospitality.