A Spark of Illumination
Friday 31 Aug 2012


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DB&B leapt at the opportunity of designing Jumpstart's first office in China, to create a unique and sustainable development.

Jumpstart is a relatively new entrant in the serviced offices market and this inaugural office in Shanghai will serve as a beacon for their rapid expansion plan throughout China. In this sense DB&B settled on a theme of "illumination" to serve as a guide in developing their design vision.

Holistically, we wanted the interior to be interactive, social and sustainable. For this, we focused on the letter "J" to represent the namesake, Jumpstart, as well as the "Journey" of experience to end users. Entering the light as you approach any space within the office, motion-triggered light sources unveil themselves across the ceiling.

This vista of illumination develops motion and fluidity as it reflects off different materials, such as black mirrors, glass and marbles. Sustainability is a key issue in all of DB&B's designs. Using reflective materials allows light to be multiplied and magnified naturally, thus allowing more light to be enjoyed for less. In addition, we used locally sourced sustainable bamboo for the flooring and a spatial plan that maximises the influx of natural light.

The experience of light, materials and technology is multi-dimensional and gives end users a sense of control through movement. With this energy in gesticulation, users feel integrated like a living part of the environment. From a business perspective, the design vision naturally translated into an expression of power and longevity for the Jumpstart brand.

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