Eneco Headquarters
Friday 31 Aug 2012


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Hofman Dujardin Architects, in collaboration with Fokkema& Partners have redesigned the Enecoheadquarter's interior in Rotterdam to create the perfect flexible working environment.

A central atrium surrounded by a light-filled meeting centre with a reception space, meeting rooms, working areas, lounges, a restaurant, a service desk and an auditorium, forms the heart of the building.

The working and meeting areas are designed to be energetic islands that float on an otherwise calm, light terrazzo floor. Islands are either open spaces or enclosed for privacy but are all executed with vibrant colours and materials. On the ground floor uses red, purple and orange, while the first floor islands use different shades of verdant green for the meeting rooms and blue for working spaces. Employees are drawn to these colourful islands across the white floor and ‘land' on them to undertake work and hold discussions.

The diversity of colour and materials on the work islands are not only lively and inviting but produce specific identities and atmospheres that enable better office orientation.

The working environments are largely diverse, from standard working desks to cubicles, concentration rooms (where one person can work in silence), work-benches for individual work, and team-tables, meeting rooms and informal meeting areas for collective productivity.

The floors are designed so there is a balance between open and closed, public and private and dynamic and quiet. Each employee can select an atmosphere that suits their work activity. The creative and economical interior design of the new Eneco headquarters satisfies two of the company's key principles: sustainability and the wellbeing of employees.

Hofman Dujardin Architects