Bright Contemporary Apartment
Friday 31 Aug 2012


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Paton Penthouse Stanley, Hong Kong Bespoke Penthouse Apartment and Roof – Completed January 2009 By combining two already spacious penthouse apartments, the space required to create our client’s desire for a loft style environment was amply met. The owners have recently had the last of their children go off to university so their desire was to create a home that was fun, bright and easy to use. Our interpretation has been to create a flexible home that is defined by its simplicity and openness with the main living, dining and kitchen space being the focus onto which all other rooms open enhancing the dynamism of this empty nest. To amplify this sense of space, textures and colours are limited. In addition, they are kept natural and complimentary providing a contemporary yet warm ambiance that reflects the youthfulness of the owners. Having originally been an unused service area, an internal stair has been installed and the roof space has been transformed into an open bbq deck with dining and lounging functions providing a green space that compliments the openness of the interior.

Original Vision Limited

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