Jardine's Lookout Flat
Thursday 30 Aug 2012


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The primary aim of the renovation was to create a unique space which blended the best aspects of Western craft and appreciation for materiality with a Chinese sensibility for the utilisation of space and social organisation. It was to be both expressive as a space for entertaining and distinct in its use of natural materials and subtle colours. Within the brief and within the space the dining table became the physical meeting point between space and culture… the organisation of the house would revolve around the dining table as the centre of family life. From this central position above the dining table, both the ceiling and the rest of the apartment radiate outwards. The dining and living rooms act as one space so that family members can move and engage with each other freely between the living area and the dining. The arrangement of the bedrooms are flexible, should the elderly client require care the two bedrooms can join to make one and the moveable partition creates a subtle reference to the Chinese courtyard housing with moveable walls. The Chinese motif continues in the extensive use of wood throughout the house and curving walls and ceilings which direct people while adhering to the tenets of Feng Shui. The screen at the entry door sits as a contemporary version of the ubiquitous Chinese screen. Wood moves through the space as oak parquet and wainscoting around the main living area and appears in the bedrooms as cabinetry and a subtle border for the double-curved ceiling. Marble is used extensively as well, as symbol in both cultures of luxury but it remains light as does the overall design with carved basins and turns to create unexpected surfaces and continue the feeling of movement.

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