McCann Worldgroup HQ
Wednesday 29 Aug 2012


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Located within Singapore's historic MacDonald House, named as a national monument in 2003, thisrefurbished workspace retains a sense of nostalgia whilst embracing modernity. Capitalising on the building's Neo-Georgian architecture and iconic brick walls,ONG&ONG's design has transformed the McCannoffices into a sleek and modern workspace interior.

As one of the world's largest marketing communications networks, McCann Worldgroup comprises of staff from a total of eight collaborating companies from diverse cultures and backgrounds, who in turn, deal with international clients from a wide range of industries.

The brief was to create an office that would give the organisation a common identity across the different companies, whilst also being itself a visual statement about its employees. Taking these requirements into consideration, the resultant design incorporates numerous flexible spaceswithin which staff can conduct extensive collaborative and creative brainstorming sessions.

Entertainment and socialising have also been considered to ensure that employees can enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Outdoor-inspired décor adorns the office, most noticeably in the painted roads that run throughout the various areas, as well as thegrass covered column of the spiral staircase.

These elements help to blur the line between indoor and outdoor space, while also adding an element of fun to the workplace. With its quirky interiors and commitment to its architectural heritage, McCann Worldgroup's new office reflects its ethos in a bold expression of the creative diversity.