Industrial living
Thursday 23 Aug 2012


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The Artists' House in Beijing is a 240 sqm interior project by SpActrum Studio, completed in February 2012.

After 30 years of rapid Chinese industrialization, this project reflects the fundamental social changes and industrial development of a country that calls for a modern take on its architecture.

In this sense the house responds to a move away from traditional references and towards an industrial reality. It aims to explore China's industrial capabilities, not as a hidden brutal trauma but rather a force of progress that could distribute welfare throughout society.

Moving away from the out-dated concrete blocks of a socialist past, SpActrum Studio's project focuses on regeneration strategy and sustainable future housing.  

Materials such as brass find resonance in the cities factories and the warm hue of the metal blends well to the residential atmosphere.

Local elm wood has been used to furnish and clad the interior, in juxtaposition to the brass. Glass and mirrored surfaces create visual illusions within the space.  

Resin flooring in the smaller areas produces a sense of privacy. Timber floors can be found in the main space.  

By recognizing the complexity of the artists' individual living/working pattern, the limitations of a separate bedroom, bathroom, and living areas have been dispelled by connecting these rooms in an open-plan space.

Connectivity between the open plan areas and the different floors, maximise integration throughout the house.